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"Every week I read a new secret I never knew I had", the stranger said. Only some weeks there are three or four secrets that I realize are mine. This week: I am thrilled with the person I'm becoming.

I'm seriously so happy with who I'm growing into. Yes, I have terrible habits like putting any and every assignment I get off until sometimes literally the last minute (I've recently realized that going to bed at three and waking up at six to write a paper for my 9:30 is much more thrilling than writing from three till six and then sleeping until 9). Yes, my confidence and maturity aren't where they should be and I fail at the Boy Scout motto 80% of the time, and it's true that for a 21 year old I have so much growing up left to do it's not even funny, but nevertheless, I'm happy. And I didn't even realize it until I read that secret.
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