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Chicago Trip

This is what I look like now: 



I took them in the starbucks while craigslist looking for apartments.  I also fail at angling the laptop webcam to actually show the hair cut.

Speaking of!

This is where I live:

1929 N. Sheffield Ave., Chicago IL, 60614
I'm pretty sure it's on the far south side of Lincoln Park; I know it's right in front of the Armitage stop of the brown line.

This is the upstairs living room.  We're in the middle of painting it, so the downstairs living room is housing two or three disassembled couches.  The downstairs living room is the only way into my bedroom.

600/month + 1/6th of utilities. My five room mates are Evan, Justin, Keith, Anika, and Bruce, who's foot and hand you can see in the above picture.  Yes, I found them through craigslist. They're all art students at DePaul; I'll bring my crayons so we can relate.

We have the top two floors of an apartment building, we're taking the door off between them to make one six-bedroom apartment. So what does 600$ get you in the city?

A dorm like tiny bedroom, with a loft and enough space for a permanent blanket fort underneath and a lot of book shelves, everything I need
A spiral staircase connecting the front door to the second and third floor We're going to just lock the front door and get rid of the two individual apartment doors, so it becomes a house
Two living rooms, we're turning one into a dining room/lounge and the other into a family/video game room
Two kitchens. That's a little weird, but we might turn the smaller (second floor) one into a bar/junk food kitchen and have the third floor one be the cooking kitchen.
A rooftop deck with patio furniture, from a trap door on the third floor. I think we're putting Christmas lights on the railings and running an extension cord up to put a refrigerator up there. It's also a place to sleep with the stars
A front yard for bike parking
A backyard for the dogs to run around
Three little dogs and the chance to get another if I want. Which I do. If I had any form of stability.
Pug, Black Lab/Corgi looking little guy, and one other No cats
Two other little rooms, the size of a bedroom or so, that might be a guest room and a den
Lots of floor, wall, and closet space

My room mates go to the same school, and they all know each other, so my first mission is to make friends. I don't know about them artsy types. One's a video game designer.

The Black Lab/Corgi little guy, Lucy, belongs to the landlord, so she only half lives with us.
That's the first thing I noticed about the area: it's little dog Mecca.  I've heard more sounds of dog collars five inches above the ground than even in Florida.  And there are Yorkies.

So I wrote this entry last Wednesday, before I actually moved to Chicago and started working, which I did yesterday.  So I'll write about that tonight.

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