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Dad took me to the Vietnam war memorial when we went to DC.  He told me it was sacred place for him, and that kind of stuff.

He told me that people would come in and out of my life.  He said I would care about people so much I'd wonder how I ever lived without them, and that they would leave or die, and that was okay.

And I was like, "okay."

Now that I'm out of school I see it happening.  I read people's facebook updates, but hardly ever comment.  I only talk to a couple people from Alma and exactly one person from high school.  One person who I cared about a lot and with just stopped talking to me, apparently for no reason, and a month later I hear from five people I never expected to see again.

I was thinking about how people say that every seven years you have a brand new body, and I wonder how how you have brand new friends.  Losing this one friend really hurt, and it made me think about how everyone in my family is fifty or so years older than me, and it won't be too long before I'm literally alone.  That came out bleaker than it was meant to.  But still, I wonder how everything is going to change and how any of us will be okay with it.
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