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For get your talent. Do you have tenacity?


I got back to school today, and first thing in the door (after I wedged the bicycle behind the refrigerator) my Yelhe acceptance letter was sitting on my bed!

The award covers 675$ for rent for the summer. It was going to cover utilities and something toward food, but that was when I thought I had two roommates, now I have one. The thing that worries me is the line "Although this won't pay all your estimated expenses...". See, the grant covers up to four credits tuition along with the money, and I have to do the intership for credit so I can be covered by the college's insurance. So does that mean I didn't get the tuition remission? Or did they just not feel the need to include it in the letter? If it's not included, the cost is still 1128$ plus food and utilities. That should all be found out tomorrow
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