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This summer I'm at my internship in the mornings/afternoons, my interview was today and I have one more test to pass: a TB test.

Then, in the afternoons/late afternoons I'm working with Dr. Mrs. Beagley on a research project she's working on, the effects of sleep loss on weight gain, which means that in addition to cleaning rat poop I'll probably be doing surgery, histology, and working with the electron microscope, which is good, because I need practice.

The internship is at Gratiot County Medical, with their Partial Hospitalization/Intensive Outpatient Psychiatric Program. We see patients in the morning for a couple hours of group therapy, then we have educational groups and workshops in the afternoon to learn about emotional management and various kinds of therapy, and lunch and hang out time with patients.

I realized I don't have senioritis. Sure, I have last-day-of schoolitis, but for next year the mountain of work:directing, two senior thesi, Richard III, studying for the GREs, filling out applications and then peace corp/grad school beyond is really keeping everything in perspective.

One more paper, just one more thing to do for class at 9:30am, then at noon my summer starts.
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