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You can't tell, but the list is in base 42.

I just gave myself lots of little tomato soup burns on both my hands. The marching band roll-step does not keep you stable when the floor is wet.

Tonight I'm watching classic Battlestar Galactica. I haven't seen the new one that's on Scifi channel, but I doubt it's as good as this. Modern heroes don't smoke cigars on the starship.


1. 10:30 - Financial advisor way overdo.
2. Office Depot with Dad, to make copies of his new book to send to everyone.
3. Call D- Sleep.
4. Call Dell.
5. Bother people about act-o-grams (any APOs reading this:bother bother bother)
6. Tap tap tap.
7. Probably play that in-browser flash D&D simulator, cause that's how I roll. More Battlestar.
8. Type-type-type tap tap tap.
9. Kitties?
A. Sleep.

I talked to Dr. Hitsman today. For those of you who don't know, Dr. Hitsman is the professor I'll be working under this summer at Northwestern in Chicagoish, doing research in the Department of Preventitive Medicine. It's 24 hours a week or 60% time, so that's hopefully enough to live on. Dr. Hitsman was one of Dr. Batchelder's advisees when he was at Alma, he's interested in helping me make contacts and get established.

I just found a white eyelash in my keyboard. I'm old. )=;
Now that I have a job lined up for the summer this journal is unfriendslocking for some entries. Yay friends.
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